Theme Installation

In this tutorial we are going to install the BeezKneez theme. There are a couple of things you need to have prepared ahead of time.

  1. Purchase Hosting (See below for a list of recommended hosting services)
  2. Purchase your domain name (See below for some suggestions)
  3. Install WordPress – your hosting company should have instructions showing you how to do this.

So once that’s all done we can get started with installing the BeezKneez theme.

Are you ready to start? Here we go…

Hosting Providers

Any hosting providers that support WordPress will run this theme. However there are several considerations when looking for a host:

  • Is there software up-to-date? Many of the really cheap hosting plans are running outdated software. This can cause compatibility problems with new software like BeezKneez and may also result in compromised security.
  • All business sites need SSL security, that’s the HTTPS at the beginning of the site address. Most hosting plans will charge you extra for this service. The good one’s include the SSL certificate with their hosting plan.
  • Daily backup – This may or may not be included
  • Is email coming from the site handled by the hosting company, if so, the email coming from the site may not be 100% reliable. Does the host use a more reliable transactional email delivery service.
  • Avoid Godaddy! – This is an awesome Canadian hosting company we highly recommend. It includes an SSL certificate, backup and transactional email. In addition, the support is amazing. At $15cad / month in  Canadian $  it’s a bargain.

Hostgator – This is another good hosting company. You would need the “Business Plan” at $16.95 usd/month or the “WordPress Hosting Starter Plan” at $14.95usd/ month. Both of these plans give you SSL and backup, but both plans use Hostgator’s transactional email service.

Purchasing a Domain

You will need to purchase a domain before your site can go online. Consider the following when choosing a domain name:

  • IF possible, try to purchase a .com name
  • .ca or a similar country specific domain name will cause the search engines to limit your visibility to the country represented by the country specific name.
  • Try to avoid unnecessarily long domain names. Long names are hard for your clients to remembers. If you do have a compound name or a long name, use “camel case” when you spell it out. It doesnt have to be lower case only. (eg.
  • Avoid names with hyphens. Again they are difficult to remember and get confused with the non-hyphenated version.

Domain Registrar Recommendations

If your hosting company, such as Hostgator sells domain names , use their service. It will make the setup much easier.

Otherwise we recommend: NameCheap

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