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Your home page will be the first impression your potential client will get about your site. Here are a  couple of suggestions to help you prepare for building the home page.

  1. Prepare your images and text ahead of time before you sit down to build the home page. When you write your content and create your images, you need to focus on that task and not on the mechanics of loading content into the page builder. In a similar fashion, when you are entering the content into the Page Builder, you don’t want to be creating content at the same time you are doing the creative work of making the content look good. If your content is prepared ahead of time you can just cut and paste.
  2. Images will make or break your site’s image. Consider using a service like to purchase and create your images.  Here are a couple of pointers to help keep the images looking great:
    • Use image as close as possible to the actual size needed. If necessary use a larger image rather than a smaller image.
    • WordPress will crop and resize image where necessary. However, this may result in portions of images being cut off.
    • If you have limited tools for cropping and resizing images, install the Manual Image Crop plugin
  3. If you have writer’s block when it comes to writing your content use the time tested sales formula:
    • Features – What am I offering to my clients
    • Benefits – How will my clients benefit and why should they buy my product
    • Call to Action – Never assume they prospect knows what to do next. Ask them to take action — Buy Now, Purchase Today


Here are some visual examples of the various row types available in the Page Builder

Full Width Content Box

Title (optional) – The title is formatted properly for you.

WYSIWYG Editor – This section is a standard WordPress WYSIWYG  (What You See Is What You Get) editor.  In this editor section you can add:

  • Images
  • text
  • WordPress shortcodes
  • Anything WordPress offers…


Color Boxes

The color boxes provide a big, bold link to internal or external pages. You can change the background color and the hover color of each these boxes.

Video Box

The video box has the following options:

  • Centered video
  • Video on left, content on right
  • Youtube video – select the start, end points and the thumbnail seen before the video plays
  • Vimeo video – start, end and thumbnail are selected on the Vimeo site
  • An oEmbed video can be shown such as Youtube or Vimeo
  • Vimeo is our recommended video service
  • The text box is best used as a Call to action box. To be effective the box requires:
    • Background image
    • short text
    • Page link

Image Link Boxes

Title (optional) – The title is formatted properly for you.

Image Link Boxes -The Image Link Boxes will work in two modes:

  1. Image with link: In this mode you supply a background image and a link. The image will automatically be displayed with a link. This is best used if your image contains Call To Action text.
  2. Image with link overlay: If you supply link text as well as the image and link, then the text will overlay the bottom of the image. You are then able to choose the color of the overlay and hove color.

Latest Posts

Title (optional) – The title is formatted properly for you.

Latest Posts – This will display your latest posts you can select:

  • Accent color overlay that goes behind the post title
  • The hover color
  • Post categories to include or exclude – For instance if you only wanted to show the posts with category “Home Page Feature” on the home page, you would select that in the Include Categories field.

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